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How long does implant placement last?

How much time do you need to plan for dental implants ? The procedure consists of several stages, and each will require a certain amount of time.

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This is a very important stage, since the success of the whole procedure depends on the results of the examination. In the process, the doctor must find out whether there is a possibility of installing the implant (whether the thickness and density of the bone tissue is sufficient, whether it can withstand the installation and whether the implant can take root), and whether there are any contraindications from the point of view of the general condition of the body.

An Implant

Implantation is the most advanced tooth restoration technology today. If the doctor concludes that the bone thickness is insufficient for installation, you will have to postpone the planned prosthetics and first start the restoration of bone tissue. There are different ways to do this: sinus lift (maxillary sinus sheath plastic, due to which the bone volume of the upper jaw increases), bone volume increase and others. Of course, in this case, the installation of implants is delayed until complete recovery. If the implantologist allows you to install the implant, you must undergo other examinations in preparation.

Necessary examinations at this stage

You only need to undergo an examination at the dentist to identify all foci of caries and inflammation, if necessary, treatment before the implantation procedure. Thus, the duration of the preparation phase can vary greatly, but if you do not need bone grafting, the teeth are generally in good condition and there are no serious chronic diseases, then everything can be completed in 1-2 weeks. Diagnostics are carried out in order to accurately calculate the installation location.

Implant placement

The first stage of implantation is the installation of an implant, a supporting part for the future tooth. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts about 60–90 minutes. After insertion into the gum tissue of the pin, simple surgical sutures are applied. After the operation, the doctor will give recommendations on oral care and nutrition. Observing them, you will contribute to the best healing and successful completion of the first stage. Caring for the oral cavity after the operation is quite simple: you need to use antiseptic agents (the doctor will prescribe which ones), avoid chewing on the side where the operation was performed, and exclude excessively solid foods from the diet. After the operation and until the next stage, from 2 (minimum) to 6 months should pass. If during this period there are any problems (pain in the area of ​​the operation, swelling of the tissues, bleeding), you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

What is an implant made of?

Implant, abutment and crown: a new tooth is formed from these parts

Gingiva Shaper Installation

This is a small element around which a gum tissue roller will form. Intervention takes place under local anesthesia, lasts no more than half an hour, and consists in the fact that a shaper is placed on the implant that is installed in the gum. With successful engraftment, it takes only up to 2 weeks for a dense gingival tissue to form. This is necessary for the further successful functioning of the entire structure.

Abutment Installation

2 weeks after the shaper is installed, the gingival tissue at the surgical site is ready to continue treatment. After this period, the doctor establishes the abutment – an element that will in the future connect the “root” of the tooth (that is, the implant) and the crown.

After installing the abutment, you need to wait about 2 more weeks for complete healing.

Crown installation

This is the final stage of the whole procedure. As with any prosthetics, it is necessary to make casts of the future tooth, try them on and, if necessary, adjust the shape so that in the future the crown fits perfectly and does not create inconvenience. When everything is ready, the doctor will set the crown on the abutment. The production time of casts and crowns depends on the laboratory, but in general this stage no longer requires a lot of time.

Implant crown

The implant crown is indistinguishable from a real tooth


After installing the crown, a long rehabilitation is not carried out. One or two days, you will need to carefully chew on the side of the crown, especially solid food.

In the future, you only need to carefully observe oral hygiene – brush your teeth twice a day, use special antiseptic agents.

In this case, preventive examinations of the doctor need to be done every six months. This is the best time to maintain healthy teeth.

Implant placement

After installing the implant, you will regularly visit a doctor for approximately 9-12 months. Thus, the whole procedure – from preparation to completion of rehabilitation – will take from two months or more. Of course, not all this time you will be tied to the dentist’s office, but you will have to visit a doctor at least 4 times – keep this in mind when planning your treatment.

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