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How to dress trendy after 50? Tips and Tricks

What look to rejuvenate without being ridiculous or how to stay chic without being granny? Our fashion coaching to pass the milestone of fifty with style!

If one escaped the quarantine brilliantly by taking care of oneself with an impeccable hygiene of life, at 50 years old, nature takes back its rights and the silhouette is inevitably made a little less firm. It is sometimes difficult to get used to those hips that are wider than 10 years ago or that little nascent belly that we didn’t know before…

It’s completely normal but we tend to stash everything under too much clothing. There is no question of becoming a grandmother when today we are starting a new youth by becoming fifty! Rather, here are the rules to follow to rejuvenate in two steps three movements and ideas for looks already ready, which you just have to copy.

What dress style to adopt at fifty?

To stay chic without getting old and even rejuvenating without looking “young”, the sporty chic style is ideal. By mixing elegant pieces with cooler street-style details (understand a sportswear look), your look immediately becomes more dynamic.

Rest assured, that doesn’t mean you say goodbye to your femininity at 50 years old. For example, you can combine delicate blouses for women UAE with tailored pants with colored side bands; choose your dress or skirt with zipped details that reinvent more modern models such as some chic Brigitte Macron dresses!

Another perfectly appropriate bias: playing with masculine / feminine codes to upgrade everyday outfits, seemingly trivial. Opt for a pair of derbies rather than ballerinas with a midi length skirt, prefer a suit in a feminine color rather than dark and voila!

How to wear classic-chic pieces without making a grandmother at 50 and over?

The golden rule: twist your elegant pieces with a very trendy detail such as a trendy color, a print or a trendy pattern or wear it offbeat to give it that little extra something so that it does not memorize. And more concretely what does it look like with the basics of our unique wardrobe?

Rejuvenate your pantsuit look

Are you finding tailors chic but are afraid of getting old with this two-piece? You are right. In any case, if you don’t give it a little fantasy. So, to wear it without getting old, dare the printed patterned suit. It brings this little modern perfect to rejuvenate this essential for the active woman.

Do not hesitate to mix & match colorful jackets with classic striped pants or hounds tooth & Co print pants for a trendy look. Finally, the must-have is to choose your 7/8 cut tailored pants because it’s the fashion detail that makes the difference.

Give your pencil skirt a facelift

In addition to being perfectly elegant, it structures the silhouette wonderfully! Why deprive yourself of it? To make it cooler while remaining chic, choose it in a flagship color of the season or combine it not with a blouse but with an ultra-trendy little graphic sweater or a fine knit decorated with colored bands and ruffled sleeves that energize your outfit in the blink of an eye.

On the feet, a pair of sneakers matching your top that brings you comfort and sporty chic allures for the day, to switch with a pair of sandals in the evening rather than closed pumps.

Make your pants; T-shirt and jacket look more modern

As we know, it is a combination of the most comfortable pieces, which also adapts to the vagaries of hot flashes and makes us feel comfortable doing all kinds of occupations.

Rather than turning to the eternal beige pants, we adopt models in black and camel leather that give us ten years younger! We also dare to put on an unusual jacket with a military-style jacket, a suede biker jacket, a colorful trench coat or a blazer jacket. It is enough to save a few years without making a lot of effort.

How to properly select your parts to avoid the pitfalls of your new morphology?

The case of the essential shirt

Stop unstructured shirts with a longer side at the back than in front to hide saddlebags or flat buttocks! Instead, put on a slightly fitted shirt that is rolled up into your skirt or pants to hide your stomach like nothing without distorting your curves.

Gone is the wide and fuzzy silhouette that looks 20 years older.

Otherwise, we opt for the chic of the very trendy shirt dress, choosing it either with a drawstring to better outline the waist without marking the hips and belly, or with vertical stripes that slender the silhouette to slim us down.

Choosing the right pantsuit according to your age

Practical, feminine and chic, the jumpsuit adapts many occasions. To adopt it in fiftieth fashion at the top of the trend, however, we make sure to choose it now with sleeves so as not to complex on the sagging skin of the arms and with a moderate neckline to hide the emerging folds of the neckline.

With a belt that structures the silhouette, a fluid fabric that does not mark the stomach and a dark color that refines, it is banco! All you have to do is accessorize with a pair of heels and a pretty clutch.


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