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Pants and body type: tips for choosing the best dress

You walk into a large store and all the clothes look like a big drop. The item then becomes a living monster that envelops you. Before you suffocate, you quickly pick an item from the sales department because it has a good price, grab some women pants online UAE because you like the color, and quickly check out.

You walk out of the mall shouting, “I hate shopping!” Does this sound familiar to you? Do not panic! 80% of people are like you. Let’s face it, we all have problems when it comes to shopping for clothes, but there are some things you can do to overcome them and shop well.

The right clothes, especially pants, have the ability to transform your mood and make you look like a million dollars. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to dress for your body type, shopping for clothes can be extremely depressing, especially when you’ve just tried on ten jeans and nothing looks good on you. It is therefore important to know your morphology, to find the best pants.

What are the different morphologies?

Each person has their own morphology. And the ideal morphology pants will be the one that will adapt to your body shape. But in general, there are 5 morphologies: the hourglass, the inverted triangle, the rectangle, the triangle and the circle.

Before you start shopping for pants, you will first need to know your body shape. But which morphology suits you the most? Here is an overview of the 5 different body shapes:

Hourglass: This is the body shape we all strive for. This is the dream silhouette, the figure 8, the silhouette that all women dream of. You can tell that you are an hourglass if your shoulders and hips are exactly the same width and your waist is well defined.

The inverted triangle: You know you are an inverted triangle if your shoulders are wider than your hips. In this case, you should always look for tops with a neckline or v-neckline, as they will make your shoulders appear narrower and women’s jean cropped trousers to show off your legs.

The triangle: If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you are a triangle. You can achieve symmetry by wearing women’s boot cut pants and avoiding skinny pants, which will make you look wider than you are.

The rectangle: this is the shape of the body most often called a “boy”. You can tell that you are a rectangle if your body is straight, with a very small waist, and your shoulders and hips are the same width.

Rhombus: Rhombuses mainly gain weight in their abdomen, so your goal is to define your height.

Which pants to wear according to your morphology?

To find the perfect pants, you have to take your body shape into account. For example, flared pants as well as jean leggings are made for rectangular women.

Choosing the perfect outfit for ourselves has always been a tricky puzzle. We will therefore help you with some advice on the types of pants suited to your body type:

The hourglass: whatever outfit you want to wear, the choice is wide, given the perfection of your figure.

The Rectangle: You can try on almost any form-fit pants, but slightly flared pants like a woman’s placket pants will give you an exquisite look as it adds more shape to your body. Skinny pants that are low to mid-rise are generally considered the best.

The triangle: a straight cut and Palazzo pants will be an unrivaled option for them, as they will soften the look. But you can also turn to 7 / 8th pants.

The inverted triangle: to evoke the beauty of your female V-shape, Dhoti pants are your best companion if you fall into this category. Pants with side hip pockets or horizontal stripes and bold textures can help showcase more width in the bottom half.

The diamond: choose pants that will lean and lengthen your lower body. You can just stick with loose wide pants or dark colored straight pants with simple back and hip pockets.


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