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 How to properly care of your teeth, the health of the oral cavity and teeth primarily depends on the patient himself, although this is rarely talked about. Today we want to talk about how to properly care for your teeth, and how simple habits can significantly reduce the number of visits to the dental office and give a beautiful smile. First of all, it is worth noting that only the systematic implementation of the following recommendations will lead to the desired result, you should not hope that one-time manipulations will significantly change the situation. There are many ways to take care of dental health, but we will only talk about the most effective and personally verified. Dental implants are also play very crucial part in it. If you are in confusion, do you need dental implant treatment or not? Then concern to our dentist, without any hesitation. We provide best dental implants in San Diego.

Cleaning the interdental spaces

This, you can say, is the base that you can’t do without, and dental care should begin with this. Caries most often occurs precisely in inaccessible places where food particles remain. Even if, after brushing with toothpaste, it seems to you that your teeth are perfectly clean, you are very mistaken, especially for owners of a close dentition. To make sure of this, buy dental floss, and walk carefully between your already brushed teeth, multiple finds will unpleasantly surprise you, and it is from such residues that the disease begins. Food decays in the interdental spaces and thereby provokes not only the appearance of a musty smell from the mouth, but also the appearance of first superficial, and then deep caries. We recommend making friends once and for all with dental floss if you want to seek less dental care.

In addition, if it is difficult for you to use the thread, there are many other options. In free access you can find a disposable floss on the holder, by the way, it is very convenient to use it when there is no way to wash your hands, and you feel that a piece of food is stuck and causes discomfort. In addition to floss, you can buy toothbrushes, they also go disposable, and these devices perfectly cope with such pollution. It is better that the dentist selects the size of the brush, consult your doctor with this question.

Tooth cleaning

How to take care of your teeth After cleaning the interdental gap, an important step is brushing your teeth. Frequently asked questions about whether it matters which toothpaste to use. And if you heard somewhere that this is absolutely not important, we are ready to convince you otherwise. Firstly, never abuse cheap toothpastes, they usually contain a large amount of fluorine sulfate, which is merciless to enamel. Secondly, forget about the whitening toothpastes of their mass market. They can give results, but only by removing the upper ball of enamel, as a result, the teeth become thinner and become very sensitive.

We advise you to pay attention to professional pastas, yes, their price is much higher, but such costs are justified. Professional toothpastes allow you to carefully clean the enamel, preventing the appearance of plaque on it and, especially, tartar.

 As for the brushes, their choice should be taken very seriously:

  • Pay attention to the stiffness of the brush. If your gums are bleeding, in no case do not buy hard brushes, they will only aggravate the situation.
  • Is bristle density important? Yes! The thicker the brush, the better it cleans.
  • Is one brush enough? Not! You should have at least two types of brushes – regular, and monopun. The second is simply necessary for high-quality tooth brushing.

Well, it’s also worth recalling that all teeth are brushed from top to bottom, each jaw separately, from the inside and outside, so you will clean the food, and not drive it to the gums. After you have finished side cleaning, you can walk along the top of the chewing teeth from left to right.

Mouth rinse

The final stage of care – rinsing, significantly affects the health of the gums and teeth. You have probably seen many mouthwashes, and either use them or ignore these products. So, if you are not familiar with such conditioners, we recommend making friends with them as soon as possible. They disinfect the oral cavity well, preventing the occurrence of many diseases of the teeth and gums. The bottle lasts for a long time, and believe me, treatment will cost many times more.

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