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How to wear a shirt with class and elegance?

Many women wear a shirt, but how many really know how to be classy and elegant in it? Quite a few I have to say and between those who wear it with the seam in the middle of the arm or too loose, I thought to myself that a little video on how to wear a shirt would not be too much.

Which shirt to choose? Should it be worn outside or tucked into the pants? Should we roll up the sleeves of his shirt?

How to wear a shirt?

Hello everyone and welcome! As we too often see guys wearing their shirts badly, we decided to make a video for you, how to wear a shirt?


The first thing we’ll see before we get into the style is how to choose your shirt?

Whether for work or for going out in the evening, I strongly advise against choosing flashy colors, flower patterns or Chinese signs, if you think that these styles have been fashionable one day, it is wrong, it is ugly.

Some tips for choosing your shirt

The first piece of advice I have already given you is to be careful that the sleeve seams fall well where the bone in your shoulders ends. But that’s not all, check by inflating your chest and moving it, that it shows off your pecs. Your shirt shouldn’t be too tight or loose.

As for the sleeve length, that will all depend on how you are going to use the shirt. If this is a shirt that you will regularly wear with a suit, it is better to take the sleeves a little longer to keep a centimeter protrusion at the wrists when you have your jacket

If you are wondering how to wear shirts for women UAE casually, the sleeve ends of your shirt should fall right over where your hands and wrists meet. Neither too much nor not enough!

Shirt pulled in or out of pants?

This is a question we are entitled to ask ourselves. Does wearing the shirt tucked in or not in the pants depend on our body type? The style we want to give ourselves, or the environment in which the shirt will be worn?

Several answers are possible, but the one I prefer is: according to individual tastes. I know I like to put them in, not to give me a more formal side, but to grow a little taller.

But in reality, we no longer put our shirts in at work, on more formal occasions in the private setting such as weddings, divorces, baptisms, funerals…

Casual shirts as they are called, they can be worn out for different occasions like Beach, evening, meeting, outing or others. Just check when you buy that your shirts are long enough for your use!

Should we roll up our sleeves?

Again this is a question whose answer depends on the style you want to give yourself. Rolling up your sleeves will give you a more casual, relaxed feel. Personally, I mostly wear my shirts like this, tucked into the pants but the sleeves rolled up.

There are several ways to roll up your sleeves to give you a different style; I’ll show you two of them in this video.

The first, best-known and easiest way to do it. You have to start by removing the cufflinks and sleeves. Then you need to fold the sleeve hem inwards. Repeat this operation two to three times so that your folding will hold up.

If your bend falls often, you can simply pull your sleeve up over your elbow without making new bends.

The second way to fold your sleeves is to roll up your folds higher. To start, unbutton your cufflinks and sleeves again. Then, rather than rolling up your sleeve to its hem, roll up your sleeve to your elbow.

Next, roll up the end of your sleeve to the level of your sleeve hem. Make sure that your sleeve bend is neat all around your elbow. Let your sleeve stick out a bit to give you a more pronounced style.


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