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How to wear the blouse?

An elegant alternative to a t-shirt and a shirt, the blouse is a fashion trend to have in your wardrobe. All-terrain, it goes well with rock looks as well as bohemian and sportswear looks. We explain how to adopt the blouse.

The blouses for women UAE is one of those fashion essentials that can be worn in winter as in summer for ultra-stylish looks. Overview of this fashion nugget that has not finished making us cracks.

A timeless piece, the white shirt adapts to all styles and all body types, it is a real chameleon, provided you choose a masculine cut.

We tend to think that a basic is easy, you just need to take any model to be chic, but the white shirt can be the best ally of style as the worst piece of a look.

How to choose a trendy blouse

The blouse comes in a multitude of shapes, materials and colors to suit your style and your desires.

Oversized fashion is at its peak this season: the wider, the better!

To adapt this trend to the blouse, we choose it with puffed sleeves. We do not hesitate to add a belt at the waist to structure the silhouette.

Printed sides, we opt for the great classics: polka dots, stripes or flowers

For a retro touch, we love the check and diamond prints.

In terms of colors, mustard yellow, powder pink and lilac are the allies of choice for bohemian blouses.

Satin, linen and cotton are sure values ​​that we do not hesitate to adopt in summer as in winter.

The blouse likes to play the game of transparency with exposed lingerie. We opt for a bra without under wiring in fine lace that we slip under a muslin blouse.

With what to wear the blouse

The blouse is an all-terrain fashion piece that goes just as well with a mini-skirt as with high-waist pants.

You will understand, it is (almost) impossible to go wrong by wearing the blouse!

For a look rooted in the 70s, opt for a white embroidered blouse that we tuck into flare jeans. On the feet, a pair of wedge espadrilles or patent ankle boots.

In the evening, wear the transparent black blouse with a midi skirt and a pair of trendy mules. Add a pair of XXL earrings and accumulate bracelets on the wrists.

The blouse accompanies us on the beach, in an oversized format, of course! Wear it as a tunic with a trendy swimsuit underneath.

In winter, we dare the leather pants that we associate with a romantic low-cut blouse to soften the whole. We slip necklaces of different lengths under his blouse, to highlight the chest.

The fashion editor’s advice: Avoid satin fabrics and a slim fit! Prefer a loose shirt that can be worn with many pieces!

Take inspiration from our selection of looks and adopt the blouse for good!


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