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How to wear the jumpsuit in a modest way?

If there is one essential piece to have in a woman’s wardrobe who wants to dress modestly, it’s the jumpsuit. Comfortable and chic, it is a versatile piece that is very easy to combine. The jumpsuit can be worn in all seasons and on different occasions.

The little extra is that it adapts to all body types by naturally lengthening the silhouette. It all depends on how you style your jump suit for ladies UAE and what accessories you like to wear it with. This garment is in itself, a strong piece since it covers most of the body of the modest woman.

Here are some tips for knowing how to wear the jumpsuit in a modest way.

Choose the right combination according to your morphology

There are several types of jumpsuits. The styles are distinguished by different cuts on the top and bottom of the piece in question. For example, at the level of the pants, it can be wide or cinched. We will see how to wear the suit depending on your body morphology, but first, I refer you to this article to identify your body type.

The shirt combination

This is a jumpsuit with a shirt-like upper part. Adapted for a working girl style, it is ideal for women with an I-silhouette or tall women. If you are thin, we dare the prints that will provide a certain volume to break up the slender appearance of the body.

The fitted combination

Are you plump or do you have an H-shaped morphology? This type of combination is for you! We opt for a jumpsuit that will not be tight nor too marked at the waist. Elastic at this level or a belt will be welcome but in this case, we will wear the combination, low waist. To prevent the shapes from being too emphasized, we will combine it with other pieces such as a kimono, a cardigan or even a jacket.

This kind of combination is also suitable for small children. In this case, we choose it high waist with an adjustable cord to make things easier. For an O-shape, opt for a fluid jumpsuit with a belt to slightly mark the waist and avoid large prints. For the A-shaped silhouette, we forget the low waist which will widen the hips.

The wide jumpsuit

With its loose cut, women in X can afford it! It is also ideal for petite girls and long figures.

The pant combination

We forget this model for the little ones because it will tend to compress the silhouette, unless you lengthen it with a pair of heels. We dare the panty jumpsuit for the older ones that will structure the silhouette. If you aren’t comfortable showing off your ankles, don’t panic! We will talk about it again shortly afterwards with a few tips to keep in mind.

The denim jumpsuit or overalls

We will leave it for schoolgirls or juniors for its relaxed urban style. However, if you only swear by jeans, you can always wear it with sneakers and / or a cardigan to style the ensemble and make it more chic!


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