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Moroccan caftan: Tips for wearing it well

For all oriental ceremonies, such as weddings, parties or any other festivities, Western beauties do not hesitate to dress in a caftan. This elegant dress, of Moroccan origin, is increasingly worn by women at various events. To adhere to this style and wear the ladies kaftan dresses UAE as elegantly as possible, you need to know its history and follow some fashion tips.

Zoom on the Moroccan caftan

The Moroccan caftan is a traditional Moroccan outfit that is shaped like a long tunic with long sleeves. Made of cotton or silk, the caftan has a belt around the waist, fastened on the front with buttons. This outfit can be designed with exquisite colors and patterns.

The Moroccan caftan evokes the know-how of artisans under the influence of Arab, Jewish and Andalusian cultures. At first, people dare to wear the oriental tunic on the beaches and it is very popular on the cobblestones of the city. During a wedding, the caftan worn with a hijab has a great meaning. It gained popularity through fashion shows all over the world. And nowadays, this Moroccan outfit is appreciated outside its country of origin. The kaftan brings casual elegance to your wardrobe.

The history of the Moroccan caftan: a pride of Morocco

The caftan hides a story linked to its country of origin. It comes from Mesopotamia, but its history is lost over time. The caftan became popular and finally arrived in Morocco. It has been adopted by Moroccan royalty universally. Previously, it was the men who wore the caftan.

The latter represents the fruit of various cultures and is one of the events during which the most talented designers of Moroccan haute couture are presented. The Moroccan caftan has established itself as a treasure of which Morocco is entirely proud. This traditional Moroccan seam continues on its way to make itself known throughout the world.

Fashion tips for wearing the Moroccan Caftan well

To be sumptuous and elegant, the Moroccan caftan can be worn in several ways. For a night out, you can dress it up with a hijab and pearls. The kaftan with pearls will accentuate your elegance. Choose the color that goes best with the chosen model and add jewelry or a tiara to it.

You can wear the kaftan with a full skirt or pair it with a long voluminous skirt with a beautiful layering of fabrics to give it the look of a princess dress! The lace caftan will highlight your natural elegance and give you a chic look. On your big day, a kaftan embroidered with gold and silver thread can bring out the radiance of your face, while a kaftan embroidered at the neckline will further highlight your natural beauty. But the type of caftan to wear depends on the events you have to attend.

Whether it is a high fashion caftan or a caftan that is a bit modern with a belt, be sure that the dress will always bring out your figure and that the elegance imparted may also depend on the accessories chosen. Some Moroccan women even adopt the caftan for their wedding! However, it is necessary to know all the types of existing caftan and to know how to match the chosen color with the hijab.

Types of Moroccan caftan

Before even deciding on any type of caftan, you should know all the existing types and consider a few points. Several models swarming through the shops, the caftan must be well chosen according to the events. During the holidays, opt for a modern caftan. Chic and romantic, this type of caftan is suitable for all kinds of places, even at the beach.

For the summer period, the caftan made from flowing materials turns out to be the ideal alternative. Indeed, you can opt for a slightly more original model: the lace caftan. The presence of lace above the swimsuit will expose your skin less. But this outfit can also be worn on any occasion. During your pregnancy, the modern lightweight double-sided slit kaftan awaits you, and it is utterly comfortable and casual.

Outfits for women and young girls, opt for the red satin caftan with their essential designs and styles. For special occasions, the cobalt blue caftan is very classy. With its length to the floor and elegant sleeves, it becomes a true masterpiece that gives you a glamorous look.

To have a superb appearance in a caftan, dare to wear the high-end embroidered velvet caftan. And if you want to pair your high-heeled shoes with this outfit, you can opt for a casual white or tulle kaftan, especially if you have decided on the latter for your wedding.


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