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How to wear palazzo pants?

Hello girls! I am so happy to find you with a new one and as you will quickly realize it we are on the heavy!!

It’s the perfect outfit for a summer evening (it’s way too hot to wear it during the day 😅) and for the record, I wore it on our 3rd birthday party with my friend. I will talk to you in more detail in this article if you are interested.

I could write you lines and lines about this outfit so much that I love it but I will try to keep it down to the basics!

Let’s start with the highlight of this outfit, I named the palazzo pants! Made famous by Hola Amor, it features a raised waist and a lower leg that widens from the knee. The difference with the elephant leg pants is that they are often made from a flowy fabric, which makes them an elegant and comfortable piece.

How to wear it?

It’s simple, with everything! It is a piece as elegant as it is casual which makes it very easy to wear despite what you might think when you see it on the display of a boutique or on an e-shop.

For the casual version, the t-shirt will work perfectly with a pair of sneakers. If they are platforms it is even better because they will lengthen your figure. We also don’t forget the croc-top which will also be perfect and give the summery touch to your outfit.

I’ve already got plenty of ideas for pairing these palazzo pants for women online New York this fall with my wardrobe basics. This wide pant cut works particularly well with short jackets like the denim jacket, the perfecto or the blazer. For those who do not wish to tuck their top inside, I think it is possible to wear a small sweatshirt that is a little loose on top; provided it does not fall too low on the hips (otherwise the outfit risks lack of structure).

These pants are also available in black and I was hesitant to buy them in duplicate but that’s not reasonable, first I have to be sure that they will hold up well to washing. And then I want some light this fall so I preferred the beige version. It’s messier; we’re not going to lie to each other. But when it gets all gray outside I’ll be happy not to dress only in dark colors. If you’ve read this for a long time you will know that I love white in winter anyway.

To wear it in the evening my favorite version remains the bodysuit as seeing in the site. This one comes from the Hola Amor jumpsuit collection and is fortunately available now, but I found some very nice similar ones for you.


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