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Is it necessary to correct the wrong bite before implantation?

As a rule, the need for prosthetics is obvious: it occurs when the tooth is destroyed. At the same time, many people do not notice malocclusion and live with them for years until they find themselves in the office of an implantologist. And here they can expect unpleasant news: because of problems with a bite, it is impossible to implant teeth immediately. What is the connection between these two areas of treatment?

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Perfect smile at any age

Bite correction – for the young, prosthetics – for the elderly? Not so simple

Right and wrong bite

Bite is a way of closing the dentition. A correct or orthognathic bite is one in which the upper incisors cover the lower ones 1/3 evenly across the entire row of teeth. If the lower jaw is too advanced forward or, conversely, moved back, the teeth close in a different way – such a bite is wrong. There are several types of malocclusion, but there is one common problem: improper closure of the dentition leads to increased load when chewing. Enamel, especially the cutting edge, abrases faster, and tooth roots can suffer from malnutrition. If the bite is not corrected, a problem in the future can lead to tooth loss.

Right bite

Correct bite: all teeth close together, the upper row overlaps the bottom by exactly a third

Why does bite affect prosthetics?

Implant placement is a complex multi-stage procedure requiring extremely accurate calculations. Its first stage – implantation of the implant – should be carried out after a diagnosis, which will show the doctor how the roots of the teeth are located in the jaw, whether the bone tissue is thinned. The doctor must calculate the location and angle of implant placement. If the teeth are in the wrong position, there simply may not be a suitable place to install! A conscientious specialist in this case will refuse to carry out the operation. Indeed, in this case, the implant with high probability may not take root – the improperly distributed load on the teeth during chewing will interfere.


What to do?

Correct malocclusion – and as early as possible. Even if it’s too early for you to think about implants. When you visit a dentist, you will probably hear about malocclusion, if you have any. In this case, do not delay the visit to the orthodontist. The sooner you correct the bite with the help of braces (and this is not so long as it seems), the more likely that a healthy, proper positioning of the teeth will allow them to not collapse (as a result, implantation will not be needed at all).

Braces and a cup of coffee

Agree, contacting the implantologist, it is unpleasant to hear a refusal to conduct treatment. Or find out that it is only possible after wearing braces. It is much more profitable to immediately fix all problems with the location of the teeth and in the future only maintain their health by visiting a doctor at scheduled appointments. But what if the price of treatment at the orthodontist seems too high? Especially for you in the clinic there is a special offer: modern, effective and very beautiful Damon braces at a price of … a month, or a day! This is less than a cup of takeaway coffee from a coffee shop.


Braces of the most modern system for the price of a cup of coffee? It is possible!

For the money you get a quick, comfortable treatment and the result is a perfect smile. Smooth, properly closing teeth are a guarantee that they will not suffer from increased stress, they will be easier to clean, which means you will protect yourself from tooth decay and other diseases that lead to tooth loss for a long time. Most likely, you just don’t need implantation. But even if you need to undergo such treatment, you can do it without laying time for alignment of the bite.

Treatment should be comprehensive

Everything in the body is interconnected, and one problem inevitably leads to another. Therefore, it is better to conduct treatment in combination. The dentist at the appointment will tell you about problems with a bite, and the orthodontist will already offer a treatment regimen. This approach will help to avoid the need to install implants or other types of prostheses for a long time.


An experienced and responsible implantologist will not undertake the installation of implants if he cannot guarantee the result. And with the wrong bite, it is impossible to give a guarantee. For successful treatment, choose a clinic that employs experienced specialists in all areas: dental therapists, and orthodontists, and implantologists – such as our Clinic. Then you can go through all the diagnostics and treatment in one place – it is both profitable and convenient. And our financial comfort programs will allow you to undergo treatment in installments. Sign up for the first free appointment and find out how to take a step towards beauty and health right now.

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