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What is Early Spontaneous Abortion?

Spontaneous abortion is synonymous with miscarriage. It corresponds to a spontaneous termination of pregnancy before the 22nd week of amenorrhea (approximately 5 months), the date on which the fetus is viable. Early miscarriage (or early spontaneous abortion) occurs before the 14th week of amenorrhea (first trimester). It’s the most frequent cause.

Spontaneous Abortion

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A relatively large proportion of conceptions end even earlier, after a few days of implantation, by an “ultra-early” miscarriage before the date of the expected period, or after a “delay” of a few days, too short to be recognized as such (from 50% to 80% of designs depending on the authors).

  • Discreet to heavy vaginal bleeding, which may be irregular or continuous, bright red or brownish in color.
  • The expulsion of small brownish tissues through the vagina or blood clots.
  • More or less significant pain, constant or intermittent, affecting the lower back or stomach, sometimes with pelvic cramps similar to those experienced during menstruation.

If the miscarriage is of chromosomal origin there is no treatment. Indeed, this is the natural process for removing malformed eggs. But, in other cases, specific care is possible.

The threat of early spontaneous abortion: in which case can it be managed?

Treat a threat of miscarriage (during bleeding during pregnancy ),   can only be imagined if there is no doubt about the vitality of the egg: only ultrasound can provide this element with certainty.

In fact, the chorionic hormone can be secreted in significant quantities as long as trophoblastic cells persist after the death of the embryo. Admittedly, the repetition of HCG dosages would show decreasing rates, but, in practice, this evolutionary argument cannot be of any help for a quick decision.

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