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Effectiveness of box trainers in Laparoscopic Training


Rationale and Objectives:

Different devices are used to help educate laparoscopic skills, from simple Laparoscopic box trainers to sophisticated virtual reality trainers. The virtual reality system is an advanced training and training method, but it is still to be accepted because of its cost and the high tech it needs. Consequently, box trainers are being used to train laparoscopic skills. This study was therefore undertaken to assess the overall effectiveness of the box training course.

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Study Procedure:

The study took place during six day laparoscopic skills training workshops held during 2006. Twenty-five surgeons; age range 26 to 45 years, of either sex, which had not previously completed laparoscopic surgery; Attendance at the workshop was evaluated. Each participant was given a list of tasks to perform before commencing the box training course on the first day and was quantified by the successful completion of each test. An evaluation commenced when the material first applied to the cannula and ended the task. Two evaluation methods were used to score the material, including a global rating scale and task-specific checklist. After completing each session of the workshop, they were asked to complete the same tasks and were evaluated in the same way. For each task completed by the materials, the difference in scores between second and first quarter was calculated and reflected as an improvement as a percentage of the initial score.


The average percentage improvement in scores for both tasks, using a global rating scale, was 44.5% ± 6.930 (Average ± SD). In relation to task 1, the global percentage improvement related to a percentage increase of 49.4% ± 7.948 (Average ± SD). For task 2, average percentage improvement was 39.6% ± 10.4 (Average ± SD). Using a phased test signatures, P-value <-0.0001-tail is extremely significant.


This study confirms that a short-term, intensive, focused laparoscopic skills course improves trainees. Box trainers can be used to transform today’s doctoral training into an objective and competency based objective. A global rating scale and checklist provides an inexpensive and effective way to objectively assess laparoscopic skills performance.


Recognizing the growing role of laparoscopy in modern surgery, residency programs have been quickly included in their training system. Simple box trainers, animal models to sophisticated virtual reality trainers are used to help this laparoscopic skills education. The virtual reality system is a high and effective training method, but it is still to be accepted because of its cost and the high tech it needs.  Box trainers are therefore being used to train laparoscopic skills. The issue often raised by surgeons and the public is whether these training sessions are effective in improving a person’s skills sufficiently to be competent in laparoscopic surgery.  In this paper, we examine the inexpensive cost and easy method of objective evaluation and test it on surgeons attending a training workshop. The aim of this paper is to assess improvements in the dexterity of surgical trainees and the overall effectiveness of box training exercises.


The study was carried out during six day laparoscopic training workshops in the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology hospital in 2006. Hospital were approved prior to the study.

All of the surgeons within the 26 to 45 age range, of either sex (male 19, female 6), who had no previous laparoscopic experience or were not disclosed to laparoscopy were included in the study after consent. appropriate. Surgeons did not personally support or handle the equipment or instruments prior to attending this course.

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