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How to Use Knives Correctly?

If you plan to start your career as a chef, how to choose the right knife, properly handle and maintain kitchen & chef knife are all necessary to stay in the field. Appropriate knife skills will improve your overall experience and increase your confidence level. In this article, we have noted detailed instructions on the above aspects.

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Holding Knife

While holding the knife, the palm of the hand should drown in the handle of the knife while the index finger and thumb grab the top of the blade. In this way, you can use the weight of the knife more effectively along with the sharpness of the blade and the strength of the arms, all of which makes it an effortless cut.


Cutting safely is one of the fundamental things that chefs must learn. In the tip-fulcrum method, you should use the tip as a fulcrum to lift the sharp edge of the knife blade up and down while pushing the knife hard toward the ingredient you are cutting. In the wrist fulcrum method, the area near your grip should not leave your cutting board and the tip of your knife should move up and down to cut the food.


The diced ingredients are much smaller compared to the chopped. You can create fairly uniform dice by scoring fruits and vegetables before cutting them at perpendicular angles. First rate the ingredients in two different directions at a uniform interval and cut them by applying your knife at angles perpendicular to the score.


To cut, hold the ingredient with the core facing up, take the knife and around the core at an angle. Now, remove the core and place the vegetable sideways. Start from the center end and cut uniform slices using a round-trip movement. When the vegetable becomes too small to hold, put the remaining portion and cut it horizontally.

How to Keep the Knives?

Use Wooden Cutting Board

Knowing how to maintain and care for your knives properly would ensure they had greater longevity, allow you to work more effectively and are safer to use. Sloppy and uncut knives can easily slip and cause unwanted situations. Use only cutting boards made of composite plastic or wood. Never use ceramic, glass, steel or marble boards, as they will wear the edge of your knives.

Clean Knives with Hand and Water

Even if the knives come with a label that says “suitable for dish water or safe,” invest in that minimum time to clean them by hand. This is useful for the blade, apart from safety. After cleaning, with the help of a dishcloth, gently clean the knife blade from the top towards the sharp edge.

Sharpen Knives

Regardless of the price and the material, all the knives become dull at some point. You can check your sharpness by cutting a piece of printer paper. If it works well, you don’t need to sharpen it. Usually, you should sharpen the knives once a year. Instead of doing it yourself, make them sharpen professionally.

Sharpen Knives

Sharpen Knives Regularly

Sharpening a knife means abolishing bumps, burrs and nicks on the blade to adjust the calibration of the blade edge angle. You should do this with the help of a steel knife on a regular basis. If your knives are used regularly, it is advisable to sharpen the blades after each use or after having used them a couple of times.

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