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Multiple uses of knives | Best Quality Knives

Multiple uses of knives. With the help of knife we perform a lot tasks in our daily life. Here are some task which are performed by the knives.

handmade damascus pocket knives

  1. Opening a padlock.

This is another one of those uses not approved. You do not want to use your Sebenza or Benchmade, but a knife can blow open a cheap padlock. A great tool for this is the strawberry in a Swiss Army knife. Watch the video to see how it is done.

  1. Scrape the excess glue.

We have done all some wood in which the excess of glue is on the visible parts of the project. Scrape easily and quickly with a sharp knife.

  1. Saving your place in a book.

Like a paperweight, a knife could be used as a marker in a hurry. If the Chinese delivery guy is knocking on the door and you are reading Crime and Punishment, put the knife between the pages and open the door. The knife will save your place until you come back.

      4. Cut out the sheets of paper.

Some Swiss knives come with scissors, so cut small pieces of easy paper. But, like an exact knife, your pocket knife can easily cut pieces of paper. This works especially well for arts and crafts.

  1. Make a fashion statement.

A knife is nothing more than a functional tool; For others, a knife is a fashion accessory.

  1. Hammering.

If a hammer is out of reach, a heavy knife is just what to get the nail in a few inches so you can look for the right tool. You may not want to subject your preferred knife to this type of torture, however.

  1. Pill cutting.

Sometimes a normal dose of your medication is simply too much. You can safely divide your pills with a knife. You will want to make sure that you can split the pill since those of the hard outer layers or capsules should not be divided. Also, check with your

  1. Keep a door closed.

This is not going to go in the Hall of Fame knife uses, but a pocket knife can make a temporary door stop. It will only get stuck under the door and will prevent it from closing. If you only have a door ajar to stay, the knife will also do it.

  1. Marking a place for drilling or cutting.

Planning on reducing some drywall without a pencil nearby? Make a mark in which you have to drill or cut with the edge of a pocket knife.

  1. Clipping Laces.

Tired of tripping over shoe laces? Give them an adjustment with their pocket knife. To get a good fit, you may have to pay for the ends and do some fingering (you know the word if you do crossword puzzles).

  1. The opening of a Key-chain.

Lever is usually a no-no big knife in the world, as it could do irreparable damage to the blade. However, it is possible to slide a knife into a keychain to open it without any lever, however. It works very well if you have a sheet that gradually becomes thicker.

  1. The elimination of the nails of the tires.

On the way to work and notice a pinch? If you are the practical type, you could quickly remove a deeply ingrained nail in your tire with your knife before patching it up. You could be at work in no time … or use it as an excuse to take the day off.

  1. Cleaning the corrosion of a battery terminal.

I do not like it when corrosive substances get all along a battery terminal. Getting it out is usually difficult, but a pocket knife helps scrape some of the remnants of difficult access.

  1. Kill dangerous little creatures.

Is there anything worse than waking up in your tent with a scorpion? Do not have a knife nearby! Knives make quick work of dangerous little creatures such as scorpions and centipedes. A knife is great to remove the poisonous parts (such as the fangs of a snake), so that no one steps in it later.

  1. Cutting Cheese.

No, it’s not that kind of cheese cut. We are talking about the cheese court in the sense of Paris. Those who frequently attend outdoor concerts or organize field days are familiar with the old pair of wine and cheese. We already know that knives can open wine bottles, but it is also a good way to cut cheese for your cookies.

  1. Deflate packing pads filled with air.

Back in the day, bubble wrap became fashionable. It is still very fun to blow up, but not as protection for packing things. Nowadays, most of the larger places use air-filled bags. If you are not using again, they should be deflated and recycled. To deflate quickly, simply take a sharp knife and run it through the bubbles. You will instantly take all the air.

  1. The cut of marks on the skin.

You may want to consult your doctor before you are cutting skin marks, which are those harmless bumps on the skin, but cutting one out will take care of any acrochorda.

  1. Opening Bags.

When we asked people to share some of the most common uses of pocket knives, the opening of the bags was near the top. pet food, bird food, cereals, coal, sand and all come in strong bags. In most cases, you can simply use your hands, but it usually leads to randomly torn bags. A knife will cut a good hole in the bag that makes it reseal a children’s game. Do not let your dogs go hungry, people.

  1. Realization of Arts and Crafts.

When making arts and crafts, a knife is indispensable. We have already called for a way to use a knife of arts and crafts, including cutting intricate small pieces of paper, but a knife is also very good for cutting aluminum cans, without crushing them. You could do things like flowers and soda can decorations.

  1. Cut free from Mono-filament lines.

If you are a diver, knives are a must. Thousands of divers get trapped in the Mono-filament line every year. It is difficult to break free from and almost always requires a knife. Most typical pocket knives should not be taken in dives because of the possibility of corrosion, but there are knives such as the Bench-made 111H20 and Spyderco Pacific Salt that not only make great dipping knives, but also large EDC knives.

  1. Picking up the pieces of food.

I have a mild case of OCD and one of the symptoms is my absolute disdain for getting something sticky or sticky on my hands. A knife makes a fantastic fork when eating on the fly. You will no longer have to pick up the pieces of viscous food with your hands.

  1. Defend yourself.

We put the latter for several reasons. First, we wanted to emphasize the fact that knives can be used for much more than self-defense. Secondly, the knife is quite ineffective as a weapon in the hands of the people. It is complicated and can quickly scale things up. Third, it can also lead to some legal problems if you use it in self-defense. Thus, while a knife can be used as a tool for self-defense, it is probably best to use it as a last resort.

Will you need a knife in your life?

Now that you have seen how versatile and useful knives really are, it is time to get one. Use this as an excuse to get a new one or use this as an opportunity to get your first one. The sooner you start to carry a pocket knife, before you start reaping the benefits. Navigate through the wide variety of  Handmade Damascus Pocket Knives at  damascus1.

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